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Tampere is home to almost 40,000 university students, giving a unique flavour to the city’s cultural scene and overall atmosphere. Students are a valuable resource for employers looking to hire capable and enthusiastic staff for evening, weekend and summer jobs. Before graduation, students bring their creativity and fresh perspectives to organizations through internships, collaborative projects and thesis placements. Competent graduates are eager to put their skills to use and pursue challenging careers. Build a pipeline of talented, young professionals before they graduate! Find out more about other forms of cooperating with universities.

Internationalization plays a prominent role in the daily life of the local higher education institutions and the region’s economy. Some 2,500 international students are currently pursuing studies at the higher education institutions in Tampere. They represent around 100 different nationalities and 80 languages.

The international degree programmes available at the higher education institutions produce future leaders in a variety of fields. International students are great assets to employers due to their language skills, first-hand knowledge of different cultures and their ability to work in multicultural environments. After completing a degree, many international students are looking to settle in Finland and Tampere and find employment that corresponds to their qualifications. Read more about recruiting and mentoring international students.

Unipoli Tampere continues the functions piloted during ERDF funded WorkPlace Pirkanmaa project (1.3.2009-31.5.2011) that developed services to strengthen connections between international students and employers in Tampere region. WorkPlace Pirkanmaa was run by the Baltic Institute of Finland and the partners were TAMK, TUT and UTA.


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