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unipoli tampere: for employers: looking for employees or visibility?


 From a business perspective, the successful recruitment of key personnel is essential for maintaining growth, quality and productivity. Collaboration with a higher education institution is a profitable investment! It not only allows organizations access to the most recent knowledge, skills and potential employees but also bears fruit in the long run. Employers can take steps to ensure successful recruitment – by getting to know students before they graduate, seeing them take on different jobs and encouraging them to develop the necessary skills during their studies. When the time comes to recruit new staff, you will already have a large pool of potential candidates.

Hire a student or graduate

Several channels are available for you to get in touch with potential employees:

1. Career services:

All higher education institutions in Tampere have in-house career services that inform students of job opportunities, internships and thesis placements. Please note that if you are looking to hire international students or graduates, the job advertisement should be written in English.  

In addition, the career services assist companies that are interested in project-based or educational collaboration with a higher education institution in Tampere. If you have questions about the degree programmes and research areas of the respective institutions or are looking for contact information or possible collaboration partners, please do not hesitate to contact us.  
Get in touch and let us know what you need!
University of Tampere Career Services
- Workit.netti >> Advertise open positions

Tampere University of Technology, Adecco-TUT Career Services  
- Adecco-TUT open vacancies >> Advertise open positions, internships and thesis placements by completing an online form.

Tampere University of Applied Sciences TAMK, Career Services
 - Advertise open positions and internships through the JobStep service.
You can also contact the career services through LinkedIn. Join our group!

2. Gain nationwide visibility for the employment opportunities available in your organization

Academic Career Service Aarresaari (Finnish universities)
Jobstep website (Finnish universities of applied sciences)

3. What if I don’t want to advertise an open position but prefer to contact potential employees directly at the higher education institutions?

Sometimes employers, especially entrepreneurs, prefer not to advertise positions but to recruit new hires through referrals and personal contacts. The career services of the higher education institutions can also assist you in finding qualified candidates for unlisted jobs. You can contact us to discuss the skills required for the position and we will help you identify the degree programme that produces graduates who best match your criteria. We can also find different ways of informing the right candidates about your positions.


Detailed contact information of the
higher education institutions (TAMK, TUT
and UTA) in Tampere.

For more information about Unipoli Tampere
cooperation, please email:

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