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unipoli tampere: for employers: other forms of cooperating with universities



Higher education institutions are involved in active collaboration with companies. The level of collaboration varies from small-scale case studies to long-term collaboration in education and R&D activities. In addition, companies can employ students to carry out specific projects and students can take advantage of the experience as part of their studies.

Collaborative projects are often incorporated into a classroom context. For example, students team up to find solutions to genuine problems or questions posed by the employer with support from teachers, researchers and the employer’s representatives.    

Demola is another forum that brings together students and employers in and around Tampere. Demola runs the annual projects Demola Academy and Inno Summer, whereby employers and students join forces to create innovative and practical products and concepts.


Completing an internship is part of a student’s course of study. Internships offer students the opportunity to apply their acquired knowledge and skills in a practical setting. Employers who offer internships to students gain an extra set of hands to help out in the office for a fixed period of time. Moreover, internships allow employers to build a pool of qualified candidates for recruiting future employees as well as establish solid relationships with the higher education institutions in the region.
Internships may be either voluntary or required as part of the student’s degree programme. They usually last 3-6 months and employers can recruit interns throughout the year. Interns are assigned a supervisor in the workplace. The internships of students pursuing a tertiary degree are generally paid, but policies may vary depending on the higher education institution and field of study. For more information, please contact the career services of the higher education institutions.      


Employers may commission students to investigate a specific research question or problem on their behalf. Students can either utilize the results of the project in their thesis or write the entire thesis based on the project. Students prepare a master’s thesis at a later stage of their studies to demonstrate in-depth knowledge of the latest research methods and theories.  A thesis is always a public document, but there are different ways to ensure the anonymity of the employer.

The level of collaboration between students and employers varies: students either use materials provided by the employer to complete an independently planned thesis or are commissioned to prepare the entire thesis on a specific subject. The amount and type of compensation (salary, grant, compensation for expenses, facilities) depends on the agreement between student and employer.

Visibility on campus

Employers can maximize their campus presence and promote their company brand by taking part in educational projects and various career and recruitment fairs. Such events are organized, among others, by the career services of the three higher education institutions, Unipoli Tampere, Yrityspäivät and student organizations.  

Employers are also welcome to give company presentations on campus or invite students to visit their organization. It is also possible to invite employees, such as teaching and research staff, for a visit.

If you are interested in educational collaboration, please contact the relevant degree programme directly.   
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