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The higher education institutions in Tampere have an international student population of some 2,500. About 10,000 of them are degree students who usually come to Finland to complete a two-year master’s degree. Many of them would like to stay in Tampere after graduation and find a job that corresponds to their qualifications. They are also looking for internships, thesis placements and part-time, temporary and summer jobs before graduation. In a global and increasingly competitive market, Tampere cannot afford to lose this talent.   
To connect with international students, please contact the career services of the higher education institutions.

What are the advantages of hiring international students or graduates?

  • Finnish degree and international competence wrapped into one
  • Knowing the language and culture of the target country gives companies a competitive advantage in the global market.
  • The domestic customer base is becoming increasingly multicultural and multilingual. International students and graduates have extensive experience of intercultural communication, diverse language skills and the ability to see Finnish society through the eyes of a foreigner.
  • Different perspectives and backgrounds provide fertile breeding ground for new ideas.
  • Many international students have experience of living, studying or working abroad in addition to Finland and their home country. Tap into their talent for the benefit of your organization!

For more reasons and ideas for promoting internationalization, please go to the national Be Global website (in Finnish).

Information on hiring international students/graduates: (in Finnish)
Be Global website (in Finnish)

General information on hiring international employees:

Live Tampere

Meet international students at career fairs

Unipoli Tampere organizes a number of annual events for international students, such as a lecture series titled ‘Working in Finland’ and related workshops. In connection with the networking and recruitment event Yrityspäivät, Unipoli hosts a Career Evening that is conducted in English. Employers are welcome to take part in the events by sharing their views on Finnish working life and introducing potential future employees to their business.  
Unipoli Tampere conducts close collaboration with regional industry and businesses. The following career fairs are, among others, very popular among international students and graduates:
Rekrytori goes Mindtrek (in Finnish)
Please note that organizations that take part in the career fairs should ensure that there are English-language materials available and that the representatives manning the stand speak English. The fairs attract a large number of international students and graduates. The events offer companies an excellent opportunity to generate awareness of their organization and meet potential candidates face-to-face.



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