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TechStartLab - Case Study Presentation and Lean Startup Workshop

At TUT (Hervanta) on February 28 from noon to 15:00 in Sähkötalo 2nd floor hall

TUT Talli invites UTA and TAMK students come along!

We have an exciting opportunity for anyone considering the world of tech startups or even those looking at "classic" prestigious careers in Investment Banking, Consulting or other big corporates.
Vince White, CEO of an online tech incubator called TechStartLab, will be joining us on February 28 from noon to 15:00 in Sähkötalo 2nd floor hall on how their company TechStartLab takes talented individuals and transforms ideas into cash flow positive businesses. He will be discussing a case study of a TechStartLab social media portfolio company that went from a $200 investment and a simple product idea to $500,000+ in revenues in 6-months. At the end TechStartLab will present students with an opportunity to join the incubator program through their Summer Tech Lab Program.

The Origins of TechStartLab

Vince studied finance in the US and started his career as an M&A Investment Banker for one of the bulge bracket firms in London and also worked in the Private Equity industry before moving into the world of tech startups.
After leaving the world of finance Vince:
-Founded a company that he took to $1 million+ per year in revenues.
-Based the company on the "Lean Startup Model" by testing ideas for quick feedback, bringing in profits in the early stages to fund future projects and leveraging the correct business fundamentals to increase the probability of success -Founded an incubator named TechStartLab to help entrepreneurs create successful companies by copying proven systems & processes to accelerate growth, establishing the correct legal/financial structures & providing weekly mentoring to ensure the execution of the business plan
-Grew the incubator to 6 portfolio companies in the areas of social media, mobile, and lead generation
The Agenda

On February 28 from noon to 15:00 Vince will present the following over 2 back-to-back sessions:
-Introduction to TechStartLab - Case Study Presentation: Turning a $200 Idea into a $500,000 Social Media Company (60 min)
-The Lean Startup Workshop - Presentation on the Mechanics of a $100,000 Product Launch & Breakout Session for Students to Outline Their Own "Lean" 30-Day Product Launch Plan (120 min)
During the first session, TechStartLab will present on why Vince left the lucrative world of finance to pursue a career in entrepreneurship and then he will delve into TechStartLab's process of taking companies from small ideas to profitable cash-flow positive companies via their incubator program. If you cannot attend the workshop after, it is highly recommended to at least attend the first presentation. Refreshments will be served complimentary of TechStartLab.
After the first session, students will breakout into groups to build an abbreviated product launch plan on how they would take a realistic sellable product idea to market within a 30-day period. TechStartLab will first share a sample plan on a recent $100,000 product launch they completed and provide a template for students to brainstorm their ideas while fielding questions and helping students structure their plans. Afterwards, the plans will be presented and critiqued by TechStartLab.
Summer Program Opportunity
This session is also so students become familiar with TechSartLab prior to applying for their Summer Tech Lab Program. This exciting opportunity involves the following:
-A 10-week co-living entrepreneurship program -Each student will be required to launch a product including the entire process from conceptualizing an idea to taking a product to market and executing the marketing plan
-10 talented students will work together and be mentored on the "lean startup model"
-Program open to students with startup ideas or simply talented students looking for guidance in entrepreneurship -Opportunity to receive an offer to partner on a business with TechStartLab if exceptional performance is demonstrated -Housing and transportation to and from the program will be paid for -Full commitment and dedication for a 10-week period are required
Come out to see Vince White, CEO of TechStartLab, present on tech entrepreneurship, participate in the workshop and learn more about the summer program. Once again the session will be on February 28 from noon to
15:00 in Sähkötalo 2nd floor hall.
We look forward to seeing you and speaking with you there.


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