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Health care services
Internet, radio
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Tampere is known as a vibrant centre of culture, sports, events, research, education and business and as the hometown of several innovations, such as the world´s first GSM call. The city is packed with places to go and things to do. The city has a friendly atmosphere with plenty of cafes, restaurants and pubs, wide avenues and beautiful parks and gardens. Offices are usually open from 9:00/10:00am to 4:00/5:00pm. Shops and cafes are open until the evening, depending on the place. Read further if you want to know more, for instance, about healthcare services, shopping opportunities and public libraries. You can also read more about leisure activities or check out a blog post of International albhabets for survival inTampere. And why not take a virtual tour of Tampere?

Advice & information

Examples of prices

  • Big Mac hamburger in McDonalds 4€
  • pizza or kebab 7-10€
  • movie ticket 6-14€
  • fine dining 20-30€ (steak)
  • bottle of beer (0.5l) in a grocery store 2-2,5€
  • beer in a restaurant 5,5€
  • cup of coffee in a cafe 2,5-4€
  • lunch on campus 2.5-3€
  • lunch at a restaurant 8-15€
  • 0.5l bottle of sparkling water in a grocery store 1.70€
  • 0.75l bottle of wine in a spirit store 8€
  • 1kg cheese 6€
  • bread 1-2€
  • 1l milk 0.95€
  • 1kg apples 1.80€
  • pair of jeans 50€
  • leather shoes 50€
  • toothpaste 2.20€
  • travel card (age under 25) 40€ per month
  • music CD 20€

Healthcare services

Important to know: the general emergency telephone number in Finland is 112.

The universities offer healthcare services for their students (read more: Services for students). The student healthcare clinics do not offer after-hours emergency services. If you need urgent medical care when the clinics are not open, you must contact the healthcare services provided by the City of Tampere, either the telephone health service or the First Aid Unit Acuta at Tampere University Hospital. For more info, please go to Tampere Health Services.

There are also many private clinics in and around the city centre, but they are expensive, so make sure you have proper health insurance. Over-the-counter and prescription drugs are sold in pharmacies. There are several pharmacies in the city centre.

Internet, radio

All the higher education institutions in Tampere provide computer services for their students, see details on page Services for Students. In addition, computers are available for public use in libraries, which you can use free of charge, and in internet cafes in the city centre.

There are several national radio stations and local radio stations in Finland. YLE is Finland's national public service broadcasting company. You can listen to many of the radio channels and find radio frequencies online at: Finnish Radio Stations.

Library, newspapers

The Main Library in Tampere is called Metso and it is located in the city centre. There are branch libraries in most of the suburbs. The libraries in Tampere offer a wide variety of services and a diverse selection of books - naturally in foreign languages, too.

The Main Library stocks a range of domestic and foreign newspapers, hundreds of periodicals and magazines and offers a web-based portal providing access to a wide array of international newspapers and magazines. Library services are free of charge, but you need a library card to loan items. Library cards are issued free of charge. You can also access the Internet free of charge at the libraries.


Tampere offers a wealth of shopping opportunities. Many shops and shopping centres are open daily, but opening hours vary. Opening hours are usually available online and displayed on the store window. The shops tend to keep longer hours on weekdays and shorter hours on weekends.

kauppahalli.jpgOn national holidays many shops are closed (only some corner shops and kiosks may be open). Some small food stores in gas stations may be open 24/7. Words like “ale”, “alennus”, “erikoishinta”, “rea” or “tarjous” mean sales or special prices. Some of the shops offer student discounts. The "Opiskelijan Tampere" organization provides more information on Student Discounts.

There are many grocery shop chains in Finland. Groceries and household goods can be bought from hypermarkets, department stores and food stores. There are also some specialist food stores in Tampere, such as ethnic and oriental food shops. Usually food prices are lower in hypermarkets and large food stores compared to department stores and small food stores. You can also find shopping malls in the city centre and the suburbs. You can easily reach shopping malls located farther from the city centre by public transportation. 

Tampere has several lively market places that sell fresh vegetables, crafts and homemade products. There are also plenty of flea markets and second-hand shops selling, for example, furniture and household goods. Read more on page How to survive on a student budget.


Tampere has an excellent public transportation system that ensures convenient travel throughout the city. Tampere is ideally located in the middle of Finland with good traffic connections and it is easy to get there by train, car or airplane.

Cycling is an excellent way to get around Tampere. Check out ads and notice boards to find an affordable bike. The police station in Tampere holds an annual auction (usually in September and April) to sell all the recovered bikes that no one has claimed. Tampere Employment and Training Centre Etappi has a workshop where you can buy a used bike. In addition, Tampere City Bikes are available for hire. 

To get a taxi, you can go to a taxi stand (located in and around the city centre, e.g. at the railway station and the Central Square) or call a taxi from a mobile phone. Remember that taxis are quite expensive in Finland, especially at night. No tip is expected.

More information on life in Tampere:

Courageous, open-minded, relaxed and inspiring. The Tampere region is All bright!



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