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The City of Tampere and the three higher education institutions (TAMK, TUT, UTA) in Tampere offer students a pleasant and safe urban environment with modern student housing facilities, a broad range of sports and leisure activities and excellent services for students.

Tampere is known for its active student life. Students are involved in many cultural events, they organise events and in general keep the wheels moving. There are  almost 40,000 students in Tampere and they definitely make their presence felt! Tampere is an excellent city for studying and almost every fifth person living in Tampere is a student. According to several national surveys, Tampere is the most popular city to live and study in Finland.

The Tampere region is the second largest region in Finland with its half a million inhabitants. A nice thing about Tampere is that even though it is the largest inland city in Finland, it  offers easy access to tranquil, unspoilt landscapes. Nature and the urban environment are in harmony. The city sits on an isthmus between Lakes Näsijärvi and Pyhäjärvi surrounded by vast green forests and beautiful Nordic nature. The Tammerkoski rapids run through the city. There are approximately 120 square metres of parks and greenery per inhabitant in Tampere. Green spaces make the city an attractive and pleasant place to live in. Important recreational areas include Kauppi-Niihama, Lake Kaukajärvi, Lake Suolijärvi and the Pyynikki and Kalevanharju ridges. Tampere has 4,169 hectares of recreational forests and 354,7 hectares of nature conservation areas. The Pyynikki Nature Conservation Area, for example, is located in close proximity to the city centre. The urban environment is safe and welcoming. 

Read what Ms. Cuihong Jin-Muranen, a Chinese lady who studied in TAMK, thinks about living in Tampere: Life is beautiful when you want it to be.

More information on current events all over Finland: This is Finland - things you should and shouldn't know!



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