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What kind of activities does Tampere offer? 

Cafes, Pubs, Bars and Restaurants
Religious communities
Religious Communities
Sports in Tampere


Cafes, pubs, bars and restaurants

Tampere has a wide selection of pubs, restaurants, cafes, nightclubs and bars. You have to be at least 18 to enter any pub or club and many clubs have even higher age limits (up to 25 years). You may be asked to present identification to prove your age, so remember to always take official ID (such as a passport or an ID card) with you. Tips are not expected in any restaurants or pubs in Finland. For more information, go to Restaurants in Tampere, VisitTampere - Wine&Dine


There are three cinemas in Tampere. The Finnkino cinemas Plevna and Cine Atlas focus on mainstream films and Niagara cinema on independent, underground and art house films. Niagara arranges theme weeks that centre around films by a specific director or films from a specific country (usually with English subtitles). In Finland, films are usually shown in the original language with Finnish and Swedish subtitles. Usually only animations are dubbed.


A wealth of interesting events are held in and around Tampere throughout the year. The highlights include, for example, Tampere Film Festival in March, Tampere Fish Market twice a year in spring and autumn, Pispala Schottische International Folk Dance Festival in June, Sauna Open Air-Metal Music Festival in June, Tammerfest City Festival in July and Tampere Floral Festival in July. Tampere is called the capital city of theatres; you can find small-scale performances, large theatrical shows and amateur productions all over the city, no matter what time of year! The annual Tampere International Theatre Festival brings together performances from all over the world in August. Tampere Illuminations lightens up the darkest time of the year from late October to early January. If you are interested in jazz, Tampere Jazz Happening is held in November. And you can get in the Christmas mood by visiting Tampere Christmas Market in December.

For more information, go to VisitTampere - Events.

Särkänniemi Amusement Park is well-known among adventurous thrill-seekers. Don’t forget to visit the Angry Birds Land!


There is a versatile selection of museums and exhibitions available in Tampere. Museums include the Moominvalley Museum, Spy Museum, Vapriikki Museum Centre and Tampere Art Museum. Students are entitled to discounts in many museums. For more information, go to VisitTampere - Museums


Tampere Hall is the largest congress and concert centre in Scandinavia. Famous artists, bands and musicians give performances at Tampere Hall throughout the year. Tampere Philharmonic Orchestra gives concerts at Tampere Hall from September to May. There are special prices for students. Many happenings and events bring both domestic and international music performers to Tampere. The two largest venues (usually POP/ROCK genre) for live music in Tampere are Klubi and YO-talo.

Religious communities

Lutheran Church in Tampere 

Finland is committed to religious freedom. About 80 per cent of Finns belong to the Evangelical-Lutheran Church and about 1 per cent to the Orthodox Church of Finland. The Federation of Evangelical Lutheran Parishes in Tampere comprises 11 local parishes, 10 of which are Finnish-speaking and one is Swedish-speaking. Together the parishes form an administrative and economic entity called the Federation of Evangelical Lutheran Parishes. There are a large number of activities and various communities within these parishes. The Evangelical Lutheran Church makes itself seen and heard in Tampere. Roughly 70 percent of the inhabitants of the city - some 150,000 people - belong to the Evangelical Lutheran Church.

Many of the services provided by the parishes are centralised. Such services include child and youth work, special deaconal work, family counselling, membership registry, religious services at hospitals, information services and social work. The real estate and graveyard units are responsible for maintaining the churches and other premises owned by the parishes.

Religious services are available in different languages (e.g. English, Swedish, German) in Tampere. For example, a Sunday Service is given in English every Sunday at 4pm in the Old Church (Vanha kirkko) next to the Central Square. For more information, go to Evangelical-Lutheran Congregations in Tampere.

Looking for a place to worship in English? ICCK (International Congregation of Christ the King, Tampere) is an ecumenical, English-speaking and multicultural congregation. The ICCK English service is arranged in cooperation between the Lutheran parishes in Tampere and the Anglican Church of Finland. A service is given in English every Sunday at 4pm in the Old Church (Vanha kirkko) next to the Central Square.

The International Fellowship is active in Tampere. It is a multicultural group that meets twice a month in the members' homes to provide a place for spiritual and personal growth and communion. All foreigners and Finns alike are welcome. The main language used in the meetings is English but proficiency in English is not required. The fellowship meets for relaxed discussions over tea and to study the Bible, pray and sing.


Tampere Evangelical Lutheran Student  Chaplaincy

Our student work tends to be ecumenically oriented and open minded. We have good ecumenical relationships with both Greek and Roman Catholic churches, other Protestants and especially with Anglicans. We arrange worship services, weekend camps, gospel concerts, Bible groups, sauna evenings and silent retreats. Our chaplains are  available for pastoral councelling, practical help&aid  and  they also give more information.


Evangelical Lutheran parishes in Tampere welcomes You to visit our chapel in the heart of the University of Tampere (Pinni B, Kanslerinrinne 1, 5th floor).

Contact information:

Risto Korhonen
university chaplain (University of Tampere) Pinni B building 5th  floor, room th 5110
050-383 5391

Mervi Ulmanen
university chaplain (Tampere University of Technology) Festia building 2nd floor, room FA 128

050-360 9709

Katriina Hallikainen
university chaplain (TAMK)
TAMK, Kuntokatu 4, room  S1-03
050-365 7595

Marita Hakala
chaplain at TREDU
050-433 3693


Orthodox Church in Tampere

Tampere Orthodox Church serves a large geographical area stretching from Merikarvia in the west and Jämsä in east to Virrat in the north and Akaa in the south. The parish operates in the area of 35 municipalities. There are approximately 3,000 members in the parish. Places of worship are located in Tampere, Pori, Kolho and Valkeakoski. Go to for more information.

Islam in Tampere

Tampere Islamic Society is the largest organization representing the Muslim population in Tampere. The Muslim population in the region stands at around 3,500 and most of them are non-native Finns. The association's goal is to serve the Muslim population by running the city’s Mosque and providing basic services related to worship.

Other religious communities

Tampere Catholic Church
Anglican Church in Finland
Jewish Community in Finland


Sports in Tampere

The higher education institutions (TAMK, TUT, UTA) have a lot to offer to students interested in sports and exercise. Unipoli Sport offers sports services on three campuses: Hervanta (TUT), Kauppi (TAMK) and the city centre (UTA). Of course, you can choose your own place to exercise according to your own schedule, close to your place of studies, next to your or your friend's home, or just a nice bike ride away. All campuses have comprehensive sports services, including gyms, group exercise activities, ball games and different courses.

Also the City of Tampere offers numerous opportunities for both indoor and outdoor sports and recreation. For more information, go to Sports and Leisure in Tampere or VisitTampere - Activities.

Recreation and outdoor sports

Kauppi Sports Park offers a large park and forest area sports.pngwith soccer fields, archery and rifle ranges, a bowling alley, tennis courts and jogging trails (the trails are well-lit and converted to cross country skiing tracks for the winter). Kauppi Sports Park is located near Tampere University of Applied Sciences (TAMK) and Tampere University Hospital.

Another popular recreation area is Pyynikki, which is located close to the city centre. It has several walking paths with fantastic views over Tampere as well as tennis courts, a popular beach and beach volleyball fields. The Hervanta suburb has a recreation area near Lake Suolijärvi. Tampere has many beautiful parks in and around the city centre where you can go walking or jogging. Hatanpää Arboretum Park is a botanical garden with three parks, a mansion, a rose garden, a rock garden and a summer cafe. The park is located near the city centre in the area called Hatanpää and it is open 24/7. Admission is free. More information: Green Areas of Tampere, Visit Tampere - Nature

Winter sports: cross country skiing, skating, downhill skiing and ice swimming

There are about 80km of well-lit tracks for cross country skiing in Tampere. The three largest areas for cross country skiing are Kauppi-Niihama skiing tracks located in the Kauppi Sports Park, Lamminpää-Julkujärvi skiing tracks as well as Suolijärvi skiing tracks in the suburb of Hervanta.

Skating is possible in indoors stadiums and on natural ice in the winter. There are ice stadiums in the suburbs of Hervanta and Tesoma (public skating is allowed only in certain times). Outdoor skating rinks are mainly located in the vicinity of schools and daycare centres. You can also try out the skating track on Lake Näsijärvi near Särkänniemi Adventure Park in the winter.

Slopes for downhill skiing and snowboarding can be found in the suburb of Hervanta and in Mustavuori. In addition, there are large skiing resorts near the city, such as Himos Skiing Resort (about 95 km from Tampere) and Sappee Skiing Resort (about 50km from Tampere).

You can also try ice swimming after temperatures drop down. There are several places to do this and some of them have saunas too. One of the most popular places is Rauhaniemi.

More information:Tampere Winter Recreation, Visit Tampere - Winter Activities,

Swimming: indoor swimming pools and beaches

swimming.jpgThere are four indoor swimming pools in Tampere. Young people (aged 17-24 years) and students are entitled to a discount in the public indoor swimming pools (= uimahalli) during certain times of day and when you pay the entrance fee with your Tampere Travel Card (i.e. bus pass with youth/student status).

There are more than 30 beaches in Tampere where you can go swimming and sunbathing. The most popular beaches near the city centre are Pyynikki beach, Rauhaniemi beach, Kaupinoja beach and Eliander/Onkiniemi beach. Rauhaniemi has a public sauna. 


Detailed contact information of the
higher education institutions (TAMK, TUT
and UTA) in Tampere.

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