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Tampere is an excellent environment for students and the three higher education institutions (TAMK, TUT, UTA) offer a rich variety of activities and services both on and off your campus: bookstores, cafes, academic services, healthcare services, and sports and leisure activities organized by student clubs. And of course one important advantage for students is the student card and the benefits it brings.

Academic services

Remember that you are not alone in adapting to the Finnish system of higher education. Your student tutors are here to help you with the practical arrangements and settling into your new surroundings. As a degree student, you will prepare a personal study plan that provides a framework for your studies and helps you plan your studies and use of time. You will get more information from the coordinator of your degree programme. In addition to teaching staff, the higher education institutions have advisers and coordinators helping students with whatever questions they may have about their studies. Specialist services, such as study psychologists and campus pastors, are also available. Please contact your host institution (TAMK, TUT or UTA) to find out more about their services.

Sports services

A wide range of sports services are available for students. You can take part in aerobics and dance classes, play ball games or have a refreshing workout at the gym. The higher education institutions have excellent sports facilities and prices are low. An array of sports activities are also arranged by student organizations and clubs. Check out joint sport services Unipoli Sport or the services that TAMK (and TAMK Sports blog), TUT or UTA have to offer. Choose your sport and go for it! 

Student card

All degree students are members of the student union (=ylioppilaskunta) of their host institution after paying the membership fee, which is compulsory for all students. The members of the student union receive a student card that entitles them to various services and benefits, such as discounts in campus restaurants, free basic medical treatment at the Finnish Student Health Service (FSHS) and a 50 per cent discount on train and coach tickets. In addition, you will get discounts in pharmacies, museums, theatres, concerts and several shops. For more information, please see student discounts. Always remember to ask for a possible student discount!

Healthcare services and insurance

High-quality healthcare services are available for all degree-seeking university students in Finland. The services include free medical examinations and consultations, free vaccinations and general medical treatment. Students at Tampere University of Technology and the University of Tampere can use the services of FSHS (Finnish Student Health Service, YTHS in Finnish). Students at Tampere University of Applied Sciences use the services of Tampere City Student Health Care.

The student healthcare clinics are closed in the evenings and during the weekends. If you need urgent medical care after the opening hours, you need to use the municipal health services or services offered by private clinics. For more information, please see Everyday life in Tampere

The healthcare services outside the student healthcare system are not free of charge. International students are therefore required to obtain health insurance when they apply for a residence permit.

Finnish higher education institutions have negotiated insurance packages for international students with MARSH/SIP. Insurance packages are primarily available for non-EU/EEA students but they may also be purchased by EU students, if they wish to obtain private health insurance that covers their stay in Finland, which is highly recommendable.

  • SIP Compliment: For students who have access to the student or national healthcare systems here in Finland because they have access to the services of YTHS (FSHS) or they are covered by the national health system through obtaining the so-called Municipality of Residence (=kotikuntaoikeus), meaning that their studies are considered to last 2 years or more.
  • SIP Integral: For exchange students who will not have access to the student or national healthcare systems here in Finland due to the length of their studies (students staying in Finland less than 2 years) and will not become members of the student union (although this is recommended to ALL students due to the benefits and the money you will save on this insurance).




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