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Education system in Finland
Higher education institutes in Tampere
    Tampere University of Applied Sciences
    Tampere University of Technology
    University of Tampere
Residence permits
Financing of Studies

Education system in Finland

Finnish universities are corporations under public law and they are financed primarily through the state budget. Finnish credits are ECTS compatible, meaning that one Finnish credit corresponds to one ECTS credit. The average workload per academic year is 1,600 hours, which corresponds to 60 credits.

The first cycle university degree (bachelor’s degree) requires a minimum of 180 credits. The extent of studies leading to the second cycle university degree (master’s degree) is 120 credits (except for the Master of Science in Psychology degree the extent is 150 credits and for Licentiate of Medicine 360 credits). Postgraduate studies (=third cycle) lead to a licentiate or a doctoral degree in Finland. The lower degree of the two is the licentiate degree. It is possible to progress directly to doctoral studies without completing a licentiate degree first. 

The scope of a bachelor's degree conferred by a university of applied sciences is 210, 240 or 270 credits and consists of 3.5 - 4.5 years of full-time study and usually includes a mandatory period of practical training worth 30 -120 credits. The scope of a master's degree conferred by a university of applied sciences is 60-90 credits and it requires 1 - 2 years of part-time study. The prerequisites for applying to a master's programme in a university of applied sciences are a bachelor's degree and three years of work experience.

For more information on the Finnish education system and recognition of qualifications, please see:

Higher education institutions in Tampere

There is one university of applied sciences (Tampere University of Applied Sciences TAMK) and two universities (Tampere University of technology TUT and University of Tampere UTA) located in Tampere. In each of these higher education institutions (HEIs), the academic year runs from August-September to May. The academic year is divided into two semesters or four or five shorter periods. The academic periods make it possible for exchange students to start their studies in January-February instead of the start of the Finnish academic year. For example, some exchange students come from a country where the academic year runs from March to December. Please see the the academic calendars of each HEI for the detailed schedule.

You can find detailed descriptions of all the available study programmes in the Database of English-language study programmes on the website of CIMO or visit the websites of TAMK, TUT or UTA.

Tampere University of Applied Sciences


With its multidisciplinary approach and strong orientation to working life, Tampere University of Applied Sciences (TAMK) operates in a wide range of professional fields. TAMK offers education and related research, development and innovation services in seven fields of study. The main focus areas are health and wellbeing, business and production as well as learning and creativity.

  • 10,000 students
  • 400 students in the degree programmes conducted in English
  • 400 exchange students every year
  • 7 fields of study
  • 4 bachelor’s degree programmes in English
  • 1 master’s degree programme in English

The multicultural learning environment and vibrant main campus make TAMK an attractive destination for students. International tutors help new students adjust to studying and living in Tampere. Graduates from TAMK share a diverse network of professional and personal contacts.

Did you know that the Student Union Tamko rents out Survival Kits that include household essentials, such as kitchen utensils and bed linen?

Contact: See detailed contact information.

Tampere University of Technology


Tampere University of Technology (TUT) offers its students an opportunity for a broad, cross-disciplinary education. Competent Masters of Science in Technology and Architecture as well as Doctors of Technology and Philosophy graduate from TUT to work in the key braches of industry, especially in the technology industries and in the field of built environment.

Choosing TUT will not only guarantee you high-quality education but also the time of your life! Active student clubs offer something for everyone. The hardest part is deciding what you want to do!

  • 8,800 degree students
  • 600 international degree students
  • 400 exchange students every year
  • 1,600 doctoral students
  • 8 master’s degree programmes in English

At TUT, courses comprise lectures and hands-on laboratory exercises and students have the chance to experiment and learn by doing, which is essential for all engineers. Students are encouraged to combine creativity with their acquired knowledge. Teaching methods vary depending on the subject and the teacher. The University conducts research in close collaboration with local industries.

Did you know that there are five lakes within a five minute walking distance from the campus?

Contact: See detailed contact information.

University of Tampere


The University of Tampere (UTA), with its nine schools and some 15,000 degree students, is one of the largest and most competitive universities in Finland. The profile of the University accentuates its multifaceted research and education on society and health. The University offers a wide range of research and expert services and engages in close collaboration with both the public sector and the business world.

  • 15,900 degree students
  • 600 international degree students
  • 500 exchange and visiting students every year
  • 9 schools
  • 11 master’s degree programmes in English

The University of Tampere is one of Finland’s foremost academic and research institutions - every year around ten thousand people apply to study with us but only one in ten secures a place. We offer a variety of two-year master’s degree programmes taught in English. A master´s degree from UTA is your passport to a great professional or academic career!

Did you know that the University of Tampere is Finland’s first Fair Trade University?

Contact: See detailed contact information.

Residence permits

EU and EEA nationals must register their right to reside in Finland at the local police department, if their stay exceeds three months. Non-EU/EEA nationals need a visa to stay in Finland for less than three months and a residence permit, if their stay exceeds three months. Please contact your host university (TAMK, TUT or UTA) or Finnish Immigration Services for further information.

Financing of studies

Students must be able to finance their studies and living expenses or obtain a scholarship from their home country or other sources outside the Unipoli higher education institutions. Read more on how to survive on a student budget.


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