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International students are encouraged to practise their Finnish language skills as much as possible to help them integrate into Finnish society. Perhaps the easiest way to learn Finnish is to sign up for an elementary course at your university, but students are also recommended to practise their Finnish skills with their fellow students and Finnish-speaking friends. Here are some tips how to do it!

There are a number of avenues available for learning and practising Finnish:

  • courses at your own university
  • courses at municipal educational institutes
  • summer courses
  • internet
  • service
  • “Puhu minulle suomea” campaign meetings ("Speak Finnish with me" campaign)
  • your tutor, mentor, Finnish-speaking friends

"Puhu minulle Suomea" campaign

In order to encourage international students to practice Finnish in their everyday lives, Unipoli Tampere has joined the "Puhu minulle suomea" campaign ("Speak Finnish to/with me"). It is a playful campaign that invites you to use your Finnish – just as it is at the moment! – on campus and around the city. By wearing the "Puhu minulle suomea" badge, you indicate that you are willing to learn Finnish and hope that your companion gives you time to form your sentences and figure out how to say something in Finnish, instead of rushing you to use English. 

Join the campaign, wear the badge and start practising Finnish today!








Learn Finnish online with Uuno

Uuno is an interactive way to learn Finnish in the comfort of your own home! The UUNO website introduces you to Finnish language and culture in an entertaining way. It provides free course material on the Internet for self-directed learning. You can learn Finnish language and culture with UUNO anytime and anywhere you like. UUNO is open to everyone through the Internet.

Level: A1.
Language of instruction: Finnish and English.
Contents: Situations of everyday life in Finland with cultural aspects.
Teaching methods: Self-directed learning on the Internet.
Place and Time: You choose.



Other online courses and magazines

Most of the online courses are free of charge and therefore budget-friendly alternatives for learning some Finnish. There are several online courses in various levels to choose from. Find the best course for you and get started!

You can also practise your Finnish with online magazine "Puhutaan Suomea".

Language courses at schools in Tampere region

Finnish language courses are available in several municipal education institutes and other organizations in Tampere. Please note that these courses are usually subject to a fee.


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