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International exchange students who are admitted tounipolistudies.jpg Tampere University of Applied Sciences (TAMK),  Tampere University of Technology (TUT) or the University of Tampere (UTA) can complete specific courses in the other two universities as well. Unipoli studies refer to the so-called cross-institutional study right between these three universities. For example, if a student is admitted as an exchange student to TAMK, he/she can attend certain courses in TUT or UTA.

As an international exchange student at TAMK, TUT or UTA, you can select Unipoli studies right after you have arrived in Finland and enrolled at your university in Tampere.

Please note that you can select studies from the other Unipoli Tampere universiry only, if the studies are approved by your home university. Remember to make sure that your home university approves each course that you plan to take during your exchange period. 

The maximum amount of Unipoli studies is 10-12 cr per semester (maximum 40% of exchange studies). After you have completed the studies, you should apply for a transcript of records from each university where you studied in Tampere. You will receive separate transcripts of records from each university.

Please note that you cannot select studies, which are arranged by your own university in Tampere, as Unipoli studies. In addition, you can only take part in the courses that you have been accepted to attend. 

Student guidelines and the courses available

Before proceeding with your application to Unipoli studies, please read the Student Guidelines carefully. Go to the Unipoli Course Catalogue to see which courses are available at the moment. Please note that more courses will be added to the curriculum during the academic year. Check the course catalogue well in advance before the periods change.

How to apply for Unipoli studies - general instructions

  1. Read the Student Guidelines for Unipoli studies first. 
  2. Log on to the electronic application system with your basic student user account. NB! You can access the electronic application system only after enrolling at your primary host institution first and after getting the basic user account.
  3. Fill in "New application". Complete all the required fields, including your valid email address at TAMK, TUT or UTA. You will be contacted by email during the application process.
  4. From the page Study rights applied for you can go to Course Catalogue (To Course Database) to see the courses that are currently available. Select Unipoli Studies - Unipoli Tampere as Responsible organization and Course start date from the list. You can change the language into English at the top of the page. Please note: always use back-button if you need to return the previous page in the Course Catalogue. Do not use the navigation bar on the left. (works better with Internet Explorer)
  5. Select the course that you wish to APPLY for by clicking "Add>>". Click "My courses" to check the selected courses. When all the wanted courses are selected, click the "Apply for study rights" button.
  6. If you wish to stop filling your application and continue it later, please use this link to return back to your application: (select: Incomplete)


After filling in the application form, check out the following instructions given by TAMK, TUT and UTA.


Applying for courses at TAMK:

If you have applied for courses at TAMK, you will get notified by email when your application have been proceed. You will get your TAMK IT-passwords from TAMK Incoming Students Office, B1-52, Kuntokatu 3. The Office is open 10-14 weekdays. Please check first by sending email 2 working days before to to see if the IT-passwords are ready to be picked up. When enrolled and accepted to courses, you have all the same rights at TAMK premises as our other exchange students.

When the courses have been completed, please inform Incoming Students Office ( where you want the credits to be send: to your home address in your home country or to UTA or TUT and the person in charge. You can also pick them up personally but please make an appointment or keep to the office hours stated before.

Contact information: Ms. Marika Kyllönen, International Office, email:

Applying for courses at TUT:

Exchange students applying for the Unipoli courses offered by TUT will receive an email about TUT user account and course enrollment. Students need to collect their user account and password from TUT´s IT-helpdesk. With the password students can sign up for their Unipoli courses in the students' intra web POP ( Students need to go to the first lecture of the course and discuss with the teacher, if there are still places available. If the deadline to sign up has passed, students need to ask the teach to add them in the course list.

Contact information: Ms. Sini Ullgren, Student Affairs Office, email: or


Applying for courses at UTA:

When a student enrolls for a Unipoli course at the University of Tampere, her/his application will be processed by the Registrar’s Office (contact person
The enrolment information will be checked to see whether there are still free places in the course and that the student is eligible to study in the course, i.e. that she/he has completed all the prior studies necessary in the course.

The student will be granted the right to study, and information about the basic user account (BUA) and registration in the course will be sent to her/him by e-mail. After the student has completed the course and the course information has been entered in the academic records, the Registrar’s Office will send her/him a transcript of the academic records upon request.

Please note:

The primary way for students to enroll in the courses is electronically through NettiOpsu. The students therefore need to have valid BUAs at the University of Tampere. After the right to study has been entered in the student’s information, it will take two (2) days to activate the basic user account if the student has a Finnish personal identity code and valid online service identifiers issued by a Finnish bank. If that is not the case, the activation will take three-four (3-4) days. In order to allow enough time to activate the basic user account, all applications for right to study must be submitted well in advance before the deadline for registering in the course expires.

Contact information: Ms. Arja Liikanen, Registrar's Office, email:



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