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The major challenge that international students face in finding employment in Finland is that they are often unaware of the unique features of the Finnish labour market and the expectations that employers have of students looking for a job. Unipoli Tampere tackles this challenge by offering a series of informative lectures to give students instructions and tips for landing a job in Finland. 

Are these familiar questions to you?

  • What should I know when applying for a job in Finland?
  • Where should I look for a job? How should I contact employers?
  • How could I use social media in job hunting?
  • What kind of a contract of employment should I sign? 
  • Are there regulations concerning the labour market that I should be aware of? 
  • Do I need to pay taxes?
  • How should I approach my boss?
  • How should I demonstrate my capabilities in my application, CV or during an interview?

To find out answers to these and many more questions, you are more than welcome to take part in the lecture series 'Working in Finland' (0 cr).

Happening in Autumn 2015

"How to find a job in Finland?" lecture

Time: 24.11.2015, 16:15-18:00
Place: University of Tampere, Main Building, room: D10b, near Alakuppila (Address: Kalevantie 4)
Lecturer: Ms. Mariska Roelofs, career coach, MSc (psychology)

Description: "Finding a job takes time, and being a foreigner can complicate things further. In this lecture we’ll look at all the steps in the process of finding a job and how to maximize your chances to get the job you’re looking for in Finland."
Subjects: "How to get started and find your strengths, where and how to look, how to contact an employer, advice on the résumé and letter and some tips for the interview."

REGISTER to the lecture and you can also send some pre-questions to the lecturer via registration form. After registration you are welcome to join the lecture, you will not get any confirmation email.


"Know how to show your knowhow" workshops

In addition to lectures, Unipoli Tampere and TUT are organizing workshops with the same content titled "Know how to show your knowhow". The workshops explore how students can best describe their competencies and let employers know their strenghts and talents and how they should be expressed in the CV and application. The workshops are held by career coach (MSc in psychology) Ms. Mariska Roelofs

Priority in participation will be given to international degree students. Workshops are only for students of TAMK, TUT and UTA and the maximum number of participants for the workshops are 15 students/workshop.

Students should take their cv's with them to the workshop and as well as any application which they have written recently.

Workshop 1 (for students of TAMK, TUT and UTA)

Date and time: Tuesday December 1st 2015, 15:15-18:00
Place: University of Tampere, Main Building, room D14 (near Alakuppila, downstairs)

Sign up closed. There are limited number of seats, max 15 students. Selected students will get a confirmation email by 27.11.2015

Workshop 2 (only for students of TUT)

Date and time: Wednesday 20.1.2016, 9-12
Place: Tampere University of Technology, room TB224
Sign up will open in POP closer to the date .


Coming up in Spring 2016

  • "Social media in job hunting" lecture in February
  • Workshop on job interview in February


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higher education institutions (TAMK, TUT
and UTA) in Tampere.

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