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Unipoli TampereUNIPOLI TAMPERE Poliisiammattikorkeakoulu TAMK Tampereen teknillinen yliopisto Tampereen yliopisto
unipoli tampere: unipoli tampere


Tampere University of Applied Sciences (TAMK), Tampere University of Technology (TUT) and the University of Tampere (UTA) comprise a dynamic and a regionally and globally connected network of expertise. Each higher education institution in Tampere has its own area of expertise and they work in close collaboration to form one of Finland's most attractive and multidisciplinary consortia for education, research and regional development.

UTA, TUT and TAMK signed the Unipoli Tampere Agreement in 2006. The agreement expands and deepens collaboration between the three institutions.The purpose of the agreement is to establish closer ties between the institutions, support the efficient use of resources and promote the city's development into an international hub of expertise. Unipoli collaboration focuses on five strategic areas:

  1. Education
    The institutions will strengthen educational collaboration, eliminate overlaps and agree on the distribution of work.

  3. Internationalization
    The institutions will develop the services available for international students, promote the mobility of researchers and students and agree on the development of jointly organized studies. In addition, UTA, TUT and TAMK support local companies seeking to increase their international exposure. 
  5. Research and development
    The institutions will strengthen R&D collaboration. Special focus areas include cultural and welfare services, biotechnology, human-centered technology and welfare technology. The institutions explore potential new areas of cooperation on an annual basis.     
  7. Support services
    The institutions will develop and possibly provide support services in collaboration.

Collaboration within the framework of Unipoli is headed by an executive committee composed of the rectors of the three institutions. The committee is responsible for strategic leadership and supervision and for overseeing the main projects. The Unipoli project director is responsible for the coordination and administration of Unipoli's activities. 


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higher education institutions (TAMK, TUT
and UTA) in Tampere.

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