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You might have an idea where you want to work. Or you may have a friend who works for a Finnish company and you would like to do the same. Large international companies offer different avenues that help you get a foot in the door, but sometimes small and medium sized companies have even more to offer.

Keep your eyes open and make sure your CV is always current. Keep track of job advertisements in your university and through other recruitment services. You can also find more information on this website under How to apply for a job? and Career Services.

Here are some websites where you can start looking for a job (some of them are only available in Finnish):

We also recommend visiting these sites that offer general information on working in Finland:


Join Talent Tampere in LinkedIn

Talent Tampere Linking Bright Business with Internationals is a group in LinkedIn where you can promote your know-how, look for a job or have conversations on work related issues. It is a meeting place for international talents and employers. Join Talent Tampere now! LinkedIn is a very efficient social media tool for professionals to network and look for new opportunities. It is very recommendable to create a profile there in case you are looking for a job.

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